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Ugborough Primary School

Ugborough Primary School

For Parents

Our Home School Agreement


We will ensure that:

  • We work in partnership with parents to ensure the success of their child
  • We look after your child as a firm but reasonable parent
  • We encourage parental involvement and respond to all offers of help as far as we are able
  • We give clear information on the aims and objectives of the curriculum and on School procedures
  • We respect all information that is given in confidence
  • We welcome reasonable access to teaching staff
  • We let you know of your child’s achievements and if there are any concerns


I will endeavour to:

  • Embrace challenge and be enthusiastic about all aspects of learning
  • Obey the School and my own class rules
  • Always work hard and do my best
  • Behave and be polite, friendly and helpful to everyone
  • Let someone know about anything good or bad affecting my life
  • Look after my own and others’ belongings


We will ensure that:

  • We agree to and support the School’s policies and ethos
  • Our child comes to School on time, feeling confident and positive
  • All contact information is up-to-date and correct
  • Our child arrives at School wearing the correct uniform and bringing the correct P.E. kit
  • We inform the class teacher of any significant matters at home which may affect our child’s progress, happiness or behaviour
  • We support our child by attending parents evenings and medical / health appointments when invited to
  • We support the work of the ‘Friends’ and become as involved as possible in our child’s School life
  • We will be considerate in using social media 

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